2016 Cup Final

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2016 Cup Final

Post by Balotelli » Thu Aug 18, 2016 9:26 am

Bit of a shock last night in both of the semis. The final will be Rostrevor 1A v Rostrevor 3! Unley out in the semis again and Grads Red denied the chance of a league and cup double.

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Re: 2016 Cup Final

Post by Piker » Thu Aug 18, 2016 12:14 pm

A late night that! Given the ET and Pens in the first match, the Unley v ROCS (3) match didn’t finish until after 11:30pm. Which is not ideal when you’re at Angle Park. Rostrevor (I believe) have now completed a task that no other club has. 2 teams from the same club in a final is quite the achievement. well done to Raf and the boys. (What happens now? They actually play this match or just sit around and empty a keg together?)

I would say that both matches went as expected. ROCS were underdogs in both on paper and probably ceded the majority of possession in both outings, though rarely gave up clear cut chances in either game.

Grads missed a gilt edged one at the close of normal time which, given they were playing with 10 men (surprise) was a bit costly. ET was pretty even and Grads went ahead in the shootout, only to miss the 9th penalty and ROCS squared the ledger with the 10th. I think it was about 8-7 in the end to ROCS… pretty entertaining game to watch as a neutral. Cards, tackles in from everywhere, referee feeling the pinch. Shout out to the absolute Einstein supporters from Grads who went behind the goals for the shootout to lip up the Rostrevor GK and pen takers. Classy.

Unley probably had 2-3 chances they needed to take, especially late in the game, but ROCS were well organised and dealt with Unley’s direct play pretty well for most of the night. Their goal was an OG from an Unley defender but they might’ve snuck themselves a second on the break towards the end but for the Unley GK being solid as ever. Unley with the lions share of ball, but ROCS had a plan and executed perfectly. That Lars fella also has wonderful hair. Unley have gone Final, Semi, Semi in the last 3 seasons. Solid cup performances.

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Re: 2016 Cup Final

Post by Ross30 » Thu Aug 18, 2016 1:37 pm

Good report, thanks Piker.

Well done to both Rostrevor teams. Rostrevor C's have now knocked out three 1A teams, so they've had a remarkable run.

I think that in the mid 1990's Uni Blue A's played Uni Blue B's in the cup final and Uni Blue B's won!

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Re: 2016 Cup Final

Post by chelsea » Thu Aug 18, 2016 7:27 pm

Ross30 wrote:Good report, thanks Piker.

Well done to both Rostrevor teams. Rostrevor C's have now knocked out three 1A teams, so they've had a remarkable run.

I think that in the mid 1990's Uni Blue A's played Uni Blue B's in the cup final and Uni Blue B's won!
Ross, you ruined the moment. I thought it might of been a 1st. I guess in 1990 there might have only been 16 teams max in the cup so there was a greater chance.

In the modern era with 32 teams and then 64 teams it will be history made.

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Re: 2016 Cup Final

Post by chelsea » Thu Aug 18, 2016 8:24 pm

This is my few cents to add to Piker.

Rostrevor 1A v Grads Red 1A

This was a semi final but it really was the final. 2014/2015 champions vs the newly crowned 2016 champions.

This was the match up many were hoping for the final.

There was always the chance that both Rostrevor teams could meet in the final and therefore the 1A Rostrevor coach never told me his tactics. So I am not sure what the message was to the team.

I most likely saw 75% of the match due to my commitments with getting the Rostrevor 3 team ready for their semi final.

1st half - Grads Red came out very strong. Majority of play was in their attacking half. Quick movement and high tempo. No clear cut chances in the last 20 yards but everything was happening in their attacking half.
I rated them as up to 70% possession. The Rostrevor defence / midfield had no option but to weather the storm. They got through it with no damage. Excellent work by the backline.

2nd half - As expected the Grads Red tempo dropped off. They went hard in the 1st half and there was no way they could keep that up for 90 mins. Very even game but once again their were very limited chances in front of goals for both teams. The advantage that Rostrevor had at this point was that Grads Red were in a position they have not been used to this year. Scores were level and they hadn't managed to score. They were clearly getting frustrated and this lead to a send off for 2 yellow cards late in normal time.

Extra Time - Even though Grads Red had 10 men you couldn't really tell from the sidelines. This often happens when a team goes down to 10. They lift while the other team backs off. Rostrevor had a golden chance in extra time but the ball hit the bar from about 13 yards out.

Penalties - Grads Red started and scored. Rostrevor missed their 1st ( Keeper saved it ). Grads Red had the advantage all the way now. After 4 penalties each it was 4-3 Grads Red way. Grads Red step up to win the game. Rostrevor keeper with a great save. Rostrevor then score and its 4-4 after 5 penalties.

Now we are down to the lower penalty takers in both teams. This was scary. The 8th penalty for Grads Red missed ( Another great save by the Keeper ) Rostrevor defender then steps up. I was really worried at this point. A defender coming up as number 8 penalty taker. He scores and the final score ended 7-6 on penalties and Rostrevor are the winners.

The whole penalty episode reminded me of the Australian Womens Olympic Shootout with Brazil.

One memory I will never forget from this penalty shootout is that I witnessed something I have never seen in my life. On TV or in person. A Grads Red player managed to pick up his 2nd yellow card after converting his penalty and was sent off with a red card.

Well done to Rostrevor 1A and Grads Red 1A. This game had just about everything. Even though it was 0-0 there was plenty of excitement. Penalties are a gamble and on this night it fell to Rostrevor.

Time for a break before the next match post.

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Re: 2016 Cup Final

Post by chelsea » Thu Aug 18, 2016 9:13 pm

Rostrevor 3 v Unley 1A

With earlier game going into extra time and penalties both teams probably warmed up 3 times before we kicked off. We were due to kick off at 815pm but we didn't start until about 925pm. Not ideal for both teams.

We were able to watch the penalty shoot out and cheer on Rostrevor 1A. For me I was hoping that they could get the win as this would bring positive energy to our team. Plenty of positive energy came and it made the job harder of containing everyone instead of getting everyone up if our 1A had lost.

The one thing that stood out for me in both semi finals was STRUCTURE. All 4 teams were brilliant.
I look at the 4 teams that played last night and this was what stood out for me.

1st Half - Again not too many clear chances for any of the teams. Rostrevor scored at a very critical time in the game. in the 44 minute. It was recorded as an own goal but in real time I didn't know whether our player scored or whether it was an own goal. It was actually a great build up play by Rostrevor.

2nd Half - Rostrevor had their chances to get the buffer but at the same time Unley kept Rostrevor under allot of pressure in defence. It was a night for Unley that the extra luck in front in goals was not happening. They had shots / Great Saves / Deflections etc. Rostrevor 3 held on to a memorial victory. There wasn't too much in it.

Game finished at 11:08pm.

Rostrevor 3 to the final. A great night for the club. A night I will never forget.

The night could of gone in so many ways. Both Rostrevor teams out. One of us through.

The ultimate was both to get through. We did it. Credit to 30 + players + club management.

Time for a break before my next post.

Thankyou for the kind words in this forum.

Rostrevor are the Cup winners in 2016.

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Re: 2016 Cup Final

Post by ROCSC1980 » Fri Aug 19, 2016 2:12 pm

Grads Red are a really good team, worthy Div 1 winners & they're still unbeaten in 90 mins of football. We were very fortunate to get over the line via pens. A very competitive and tense game.

Unley did create some very good opportunities to score; Mozzie did rip out a blinder of a save in the second half. They also enjoyed the majority of possession. However I think our C team play best on the break. A few times we had a quick ball out to our wide players / forward which caused the Unley backline a few headaches given the were pushed up high.

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Re: 2016 Cup Final

Post by buzzy » Sun Aug 21, 2016 9:00 am

Congratulations to Rostrevor on this achievement - very impressive given the quality of teams across many divisions these days. Mercedes had the chance to achieve this in 2005 when our A's and B's were both in the semis. In a memorable night of quarter finals down at Valetta Rd our A's beat Rostrevor B's and then our B's beat their A's in a penalty shootout. Unfortunately our A's lost to Uni Blue in the semi and our B's lost to them in the final. They had also taken care of our C's in the second round. To make matters even more demoralising, we went to Melbourne for our end of season trip and were hanging out at the Casino when this huge roar erupted, we swing around to see the Uni Blue guys celebrating winning the jackpot on the fucking chocolate wheel!

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Re: 2016 Cup Final

Post by BB7 » Sun Sep 04, 2016 8:51 am

Any update on yesterdays cup final?

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Re: 2016 Cup Final

Post by chelsea » Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:53 am

BB7 wrote:Any update on yesterdays cup final?
Rostrevor 1A won 6-1

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