Bookings / Suspensions

The following players have been recently sent off:
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ClubPlayerDateRoundDivisionSeason #
ScotchMiguel SieteiglesiasSep 7League Rd 182A1st
CBCTyson AdamsSep 7League Rd 182B1st
Uni WhiteMikey MajchrowiczSep 7League Rd 182B2nd
UnleyAdam SimmonsSep 7League Rd 182B1st
VipersNicholas PastrikosSep 7League Rd 1841st
VipersNick DesyllasSep 7League Rd 1841st
Adelaide CometsStelios SioutisAug 31League Rd 171A1st
CBCLuigi IalentiAug 31League Rd 172A1st
Grads RedMenzel DelkicAug 31League Rd 171A1st
Windsor GdnsAdrian ZitoAug 31League Rd 173A2nd
Windsor GdnsPeter CrescitelliAug 31League Rd 173A1st
WoodsideSimon RoseAug 31League Rd 173A1st
NorwoodJaisharn NaiduAug 24League Rd 161A1st
UnleyDeclan GramazioAug 24League Rd 162A1st
UnleyJordan SimmonsAug 24League Rd 162A1st
Adelaide ThunderMohamed SkakaAug 24League Rd 163B1st
RostrevorDion KatemisAug 24League Rd 1641st
Uni WhiteMikey MajchrowiczAug 20League Rd 1542nd
UnleyCarl GreenAug 17League Rd 152A1st
UnleyGary EvansAug 17League Rd 152A1st
ClubPlayerDateRoundDivisionSeason #
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The following players have received yellow cards:
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Sacred HeartBradley Farrugia9
MercedesAndrea Castello8
Grads RedMenzel Delkic7
Adelaide CometsKyle Vaughan Williams6
CBCCallan Haugum6
Grads RedTimothy Sarris6
PembrokeSam Lacey6
RostrevorDavid Sangermano6
Adelaide CometsRyan Moore5
CBCGregorio Stansfield5
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