Division 1B Fixtures

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League Rd 5May 2513:00Adelaide Comets (1B)Pembroke (1B)Ellis Park
League Rd 5May 2513:00Grads Red (1B)Sacred Heart (1B)AU Metro Pitch
League Rd 5May 2513:00Immanuel (1B)Uni White (1B)Barratt Reserve
League Rd 5May 2513:00Mercedes (1B)Rostrevor (1B)Waite Oval
League Rd 5May 2513:00Westminster (1B)Norwood (1B)Westminster School
League Rd 6Jun 113:00Immanuel (1B)Grads Red (1B)Barratt Reserve
League Rd 6Jun 113:00Rostrevor (1B)Norwood (1B)Rostrevor College
League Rd 6Jun 113:00Sacred Heart (1B)Adelaide Comets (1B)Sacred Heart College
League Rd 6Jun 113:00Uni White (1B)Pembroke (1B)AU South Pitch
League Rd 6Jun 113:00Westminster (1B)Mercedes (1B)Westminster School
League Rd 7Jun 1513:00Adelaide Comets (1B)Grads Red (1B)Ellis Park
League Rd 7Jun 1513:00Norwood (1B)Sacred Heart (1B)Torrens Valley Sportsfield
League Rd 7Jun 1513:00Pembroke (1B)Rostrevor (1B)Park 17
League Rd 7Jun 1513:00Uni White (1B)Mercedes (1B)AU South Pitch
League Rd 7Jun 1513:00Westminster (1B)Immanuel (1B)Westminster School
League Rd 8Jun 2213:00Adelaide Comets (1B)Rostrevor (1B)Ellis Park
League Rd 8Jun 2213:00Mercedes (1B)Grads Red (1B)Waite Oval
League Rd 8Jun 2213:00Pembroke (1B)Norwood (1B)Park 17
League Rd 8Jun 2213:00Sacred Heart (1B)Immanuel (1B)Sacred Heart College
League Rd 8Jun 2213:00Uni White (1B)Westminster (1B)AU South Pitch
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