Division 2A Fixtures

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League Rd 16Aug 1915:00CBC (2A)North City (2A)Sam Johnson Sportsground
League Rd 16Aug 1915:00Mt Barker (2A)Scotch (2A)Cornerstone College
League Rd 16Aug 1915:00St Pauls (2A)Pulteney (2A)St Paul's College
League Rd 16Aug 1915:00Thebarton (2A)Blackwood (2A)Trust Reserve
League Rd 16Aug 1915:00Westminster (2A)Norwood (2A)Westminster School
League Rd 17Aug 2615:00Blackwood (2A)Westminster (2A)Karinya Reserve
League Rd 17Aug 2615:00Mt Barker (2A)CBC (2A)Cornerstone College
League Rd 17Aug 2615:00Pulteney (2A)North City (2A)Opp. Pulteney Grammar
League Rd 17Aug 2615:00Scotch (2A)Norwood (2A)Scotch College
League Rd 17Aug 2615:00St Pauls (2A)Thebarton (2A)St Paul's College
League Rd 18Sep 215:00CBC (2A)Pulteney (2A)Sam Johnson Sportsground
League Rd 18Sep 215:00Mt Barker (2A)Blackwood (2A)Cornerstone College
League Rd 18Sep 215:00North City (2A)St Pauls (2A)Parafield Airport
League Rd 18Sep 215:00Norwood (2A)Thebarton (2A)Torrens Valley Sportsfield
League Rd 18Sep 215:00Westminster (2A)Scotch (2A)Westminster School
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