Or  “The Carnival” as it is coloquially known as will take place Saturday 26th of March at PARK 17 (“PEMBROKE OLD SCHOLARS SOCCER CLUB GROUNDS”) from 9:00am till 5:00pm.
For Carnival Information and Matchsheets please go to Downloads Page.

Now a message from the Chairman of the CSL.

It is with a great sense of satisfaction that in celebrating 30 years since the foundation of the Collegiate Soccer League in 1981, that the 2011 season of competition proper commences via the longstanding event of the Collegiate Soccer League Pre-Season Competition – colloquially known as the “CSL Carnival”.
We are fortunate once more to have a dedicated sponsor for the CSL Carnival in Top Corner Sports who I wish to thank for their generosity in supporting this great one day tournament.
I would also like to thank the hosts, Pembroke Old Scholars Soccer Club and in particular Ross Callow and Jim Muir who have organised all things as to host – for a second year running the Top Corner Sports CSL Carnival.
I understand that they will also be organising to provide for the sale of beverages and catering via a barbeque for all participants – I hope you duly thank Pembroke for their generosity in hosting the event as well as provide much support to their club on the day by way of purchases of food and drink.
Both the Collegiate Soccer League Executive Committee, sponsors Top Corner Sports and Pembroke Old Scholars Soccer Club wish all participants and their supporters an enjoyable day of competition exercised in a manner befitting the principles of fair play and responsible behaviour both on and off the field of play.
On behalf of the entire Collegiate Soccer League Executive Committee, I welcome you all to another season –in particular, new clubs and all new players.

I wish you all the very best for the entire 2011 season.


Dino Mancini
CSL Chairman