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Rd 1Apr 114:30Windsor Gdns (3)7 - 2 Thebarton (2B)After Extra Time
Rd 9Jun 24Uni SA (4)Bye
Rd 3Apr 22Woodside (5)Bye
Rd 5May 20Uni White (3)Bye
Rd 5May 20Woodside (4)Bye
Rd 22Sep 2Unley (5)Bye
Rd 1Mar 31Rostrevor (3)Bye
Rd 15Aug 12Immanuel (4)Bye
Rd 14Aug 5Uni White (3)Bye
Rd 17Aug 26Windsor Gdns (3)Bye
Rd 1Mar 31Mercedes (1A)Bye
Rd 2Apr 22Uni White (4)Bye
Rd 14Aug 5Woodside (4)Bye
Rd 10Jun 10Westminster (5)Bye
Rd 10Jul 1Cardijn (3)Bye
Rd 1Apr 8Rostrevor (4)Bye
Rd 13Jul 1Pembroke (Gold)Bye
Rd 7Jun 3Sacred Heart (4)Bye
Rd 3Apr 29Uni SA (3)Bye
Rd 7May 20Rostrevor (5)Bye
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