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Cup Rd 1Apr 13Unley (2B)Bye
Cup Rd 1Apr 13Grads Red (1A)Bye
Cup Rd 1Apr 13Adelaide Comets (1A)Bye
Cup Rd 1Apr 13Mercedes (1A)Bye
Cup Rd 1Apr 1314:30Rostrevor (1A)3 - 0 Westminster (4)Forfeit
Cup Rd 1Apr 1314:30Sacred Heart (1A)3 - 0 Norwood (1B)Forfeit
Cup Rd 1Apr 1312:30Fulham (3A)4 - 2 Mercedes (4)Full Time
Cup Rd 3Jun 520:30Grads Red (1A)1 - 0 Adelaide Thunder (3A)Full Time
Cup Rd 1Apr 1018:30Westminster (1A)3 - 4 Pembroke (1A)Full Time
Cup Rd 2May 819:30Pembroke (1A)4 - 0 Mercedes (1A)Full Time
Cup Rd 1Apr 1312:30Pulteney (2B)4 - 0 Immanuel (4)Full Time
Cup Rd 2May 1114:30Windsor Gdns (3A)2 - 0 Adelaide Comets (1A)Full Time
Cup Rd GFSep 1319:30Pembroke (1A)3 - 2 Grads Blue (2A)Full Time
Cup Rd 1Apr 1314:30Unley (4)3 - 6 Adelaide Hills (3A)Full Time
Cup Rd 2May 1114:30Sturt Lions (3A)2 - 6 St Pauls (3A)Full Time
Cup Rd SFAug 1419:30Grads Blue (2A)2 - 1 Rostrevor (1A)Full Time
Cup Rd 1Apr 1314:30Grads Red (1B)4 - 2 Woodside (3A)Full Time
Cup Rd 2May 1112:30Flinders Uni (3B)2 - 4 Unley (2B)Full Time
Cup Rd 1Apr 1312:30CBC (2B)0 - 5 Pembroke (3A)Full Time
Cup Rd QFJul 3018:30Grads Red (1A)3 - 4 Pembroke (1A)Full Time
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