Division 2A Results

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Cup Rd 1Apr 1314:30Norwood (1A)2 - 1 Scotch (2A)Full Time
Cup Rd 1Apr 1314:30Grads Blue (2A)3 - 1 Vipers (2B)Full Time
Cup Rd 1Apr 1314:30Concordia (3A)3 - 2 Mt Barker (2A)Full Time
Cup Rd 1Apr 1314:30Sturt Lions (3A)1 - 0 North City (2A)Full Time
Cup Rd 1Apr 1312:30Immanuel (1B)3 - 4 CBC (2A)Full Time
Cup Rd 1Apr 1312:30Westminster (1B)1 - 1 Vipers (2A)Penalties
Cup Rd 1Apr 1312:30Port Pirates (2A)4 - 0 Grads Blue (2B)Full Time
Cup Rd 1Apr 1312:30Cardijn (2B)1 - 3 Pulteney (2A)Full Time
Cup Rd 1Apr 1312:30Uni White (2B)2 - 7 Cardijn (2A)Full Time
Cup Rd 1Apr 1312:30Sacred Heart (4)3 - 4 Unley (2A)Full Time
League Rd 1Apr 615:15Cardijn (2A)4 - 0 Scotch (2A)Full Time
League Rd 1Apr 615:00Grads Blue (2A)9 - 0 Vipers (2A)Full Time
League Rd 1Apr 615:00Mt Barker (2A)1 - 3 CBC (2A)Full Time
League Rd 1Apr 615:00Port Pirates (2A)3 - 2 North City (2A)Full Time
League Rd 1Apr 615:00Unley (2A)0 - 1 Pulteney (2A)Full Time
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