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Cup Rd 1Apr 112:30Uni White (4)4 - 1 Rostrevor (4)Full Time
Cup Rd 1Apr 112:30Woodside (4)3 - 0 Scotch (2B)Full Time
Cup Rd 1Apr 112:30Unley (5)0 - 3 Mercedes (1B)Forfeit
League Rd 1Apr 111:00Mt Barker (5)1 - 13 Immanuel (5)Full Time
League Rd 1Apr 110:30Grads Red (5)3 - 3 Pulteney (5)Full Time
League Rd 1Apr 1Westminster (5)Bye
Cup Rd 1Mar 3120:45Scotch (2A)2 - 4 St Pauls (2A)Full Time
Cup Rd 1Mar 3119:00Immanuel (1B)2 - 3 Rostrevor (1B)Full Time
Cup Rd 1Mar 3119:00Fulham (3)0 - 2 Westminster (2A)Full Time
Cup Rd 1Mar 3119:00Uni SA (3)2 - 5 Norwood (2A)Full Time
Cup Rd 1Mar 31Grads Red (1A)Bye
Cup Rd 1Mar 31Mercedes (1A)Bye
Cup Rd 1Mar 31Rostrevor (1A)Bye
Cup Rd 1Mar 31St Pauls (2B)Bye
Cup Rd 1Mar 31Rostrevor (3)Bye
Super Cup Mar 2919:00Grads Red (1A)0 - 1 Rostrevor (1A)Full Time
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