1A Championship - 1/3 gone

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1A Championship - 1/3 gone

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After a third of the season gone is it the year that Uni White win the championship?

Undefeated in the 1st 6 games. Sitting a game clear on the ladder.

I have not seen them play but the new coach down there along with maybe some new players must be doing something right.

Even the Bs are top by a game.

The key for them will be to keep their players there all year as some students leave early or travel at times.

The most impressing thing is that the 1A team has only let in 4 goals this year in 6 games. 2 of them on the weekend against Rostrevor.

Little bit early to have them as title contenders but if they get wins against Unley and Pembroke then they will be up there. Those games will be 6 pointers for Unley and Pembroke. The rest of the league will be wanting Uni White knocked off as well to keep them close.

Its early but i think it will be Uni White or Unley in 2014.
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Re: 1A Championship - 1/3 gone

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Watched a number of our A grade games and have to say Uni Whites were by far the strongest to date by a reasonable distance.
IF they keep that squad together, they will be hard to beat especially as their 1B team is also the best I've sen to date, hence depth that will see them through the usual mid season dips!
Certainly an interesting season and good to see a change in the balance of power which keeps the competition fresh and interesting.
I would also say (reluctantly) that Immanuel are probably the one team off the pace in the Div 1 comp and are my evens tip for for the wooden spoon, which shows just how hard the transition into 1A really is.
The other relegation spot will be much tighter although I reckon its between 2 / 3 max with Grads Red the real surprise at that end of the league
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Re: 1A Championship - 1/3 gone


Big difference from last season.
I mentioned this before in another thread - every club has its ups and downs.
All it takes is a coach with half an idea and core group of talented players & your on for a good season!
Likewise in reverse, get a unproven / inexperienced coach matched with unproven or inexperienced players and your season will be a struggle.
Joys of amateur soccer!

Whites will go a long way if they can keep their core group - they have one guy who can definitely score some world class goals / free kicks from the Midfield!!!
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