Division 5 Fixtures

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League Rd 17Sep 311:00Adelaide Cobras (5)Birkalla (5)Weigall Oval
League Rd 18Sep 1011:00Adelaide Cobras (5)Uni Black (5)Weigall Oval
League Rd 16Aug 2711:00Adelaide Cobras (5)Westminster (5)Weigall Oval
League Rd 14Aug 2320:00Birkalla (5)Mt Barker (5)Jack Smith Park
League Rd 16Aug 2713:00Birkalla (5)Vipers (5)Jack Smith Park
League Rd 18Sep 1013:00Birkalla (5)Westminster (5)Jack Smith Park
League Rd 17Sep 311:30Cardijn (5)Uni SA (5)O'Sullivan Beach Complex
League Rd 18Sep 1011:00Mt Barker (5)Cardijn (5)Summit Sports Park
League Rd 16Aug 2711:00Mt Barker (5)Sturt Lions (5)Summit Sports Park
League Rd 17Sep 311:00Mt Barker (5)Westminster (5)Summit Sports Park
League Rd 18Sep 1011:00Sturt Lions (5)Uni SA (5)Karinya Reserve
League Rd 17Sep 315:00Sturt Lions (5)Unley (5)Karinya Reserve
League Rd 16Aug 2713:00Uni Black (5)Cardijn (5)Adelaide Uni Hockey Club
League Rd 17Sep 311:00Uni Black (5)Vipers (5)Adelaide Uni Hockey Club
League Rd 16Aug 2711:00Uni SA (5)Unley (5)Mawson Lakes Oval
League Rd 18Sep 1011:00Unley (5)Vipers (5)Unley High School
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