Bookings / Suspensions

The following players have been recently sent off:
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ClubPlayerDateRoundDivisionSeason #
ConcordiaJesse ThompsonMay 21League Rd 21B1st
Mt BarkerAndrew GillickMay 21League Rd 761st
Western StrikersChristopher D'AlfonsoMay 21Cup Rd 13C1st
Western StrikersSimon GrassoMay 21Cup Rd 13C1st
RostrevorJohn RossiMay 19Cup Rd 13C2nd
CumberlandEvan MetanomskiMay 14League Rd 62A2nd
RostrevorSteven SavinoMay 14League Rd 61A1st
Sacred HeartJoshua HutchinsonMay 14League Rd 61A1st
Uni SAJames KippingMay 14League Rd 62A1st
Mt BarkerNick GrahamMay 14League Rd 63B1st
St PaulsJames XavierMay 14League Rd 641st
Sacred HeartDarcy CoxMay 14League Rd 641st
Sturt LionsBrooklyn MorrisonMay 14League Rd 661st
Uni SADieudone DayisabMay 14League Rd 651st
UnleyDeniz KochMay 14League Rd 671st
Grads BluePhoti KaragiannisMay 7League Rd 51A1st
Adelaide CometsLazaros GialamasMay 7League Rd 52A1st
Mt BarkerAndrew WhiteMay 7League Rd 561st
Sturt LionsAnthony ChowisMay 7League Rd 551st
Uni BlackLuke AllenMay 7League Rd 53A1st
ClubPlayerDateRoundDivisionSeason #
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The following players have received yellow cards:
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Adelaide HillsChristopher Zehle4
WestminsterDaniel Bousfield4
CumberlandDat Gia Phan3
MercedesBrendan Preston3
MercedesNick Bernardi3
Mt BarkerJaiden Crane3
PembrokeJohn Olive3
RostrevorAdam De Ieso3
Sacred HeartBrad Farrugia3
Uni BlackOllie Holt3
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