Collegiate Soccer League



PRE Match

  • Have the “CSL/Club match official card” printed and ready to fill out for each match.
  • Upon arrival a CSL/Club Match Official will call on team managers to confirm that the Team lineup as been “submitted”, by identifying the little square should be green square in DRIBL on the match sheet page. (this is the equivalent of handing over the match sheet)

Post Match

  • After the match, the match official is to fill out the “CSL/Club match official card”  to list all match details. This should then be photographed and signed off by the home and away team. (equivalent of completing the match sheet and having it signed off)
  • Once official has the form signed off they can then submitted to the CSL via form before 6pm Monday.
  • If there were any incidents that the CSL Executive Board should be aware of, please also submit a report. All red cards especially those which include abuse, violence or reckless/dangerous conduct need to be accompanied with a report via link below.
  • Match Incident Form available here.

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