Division 3C Fixtures

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League Rd 5May 1513:00Flinders Uni (3C)Uni White (3C)Flinders Uni
League Rd 5May 1513:00Western Strikers (3C)Sturt Lions (3C)Carnegie North Reserve
League Rd 5May 1515:00Norwood (3C)Woodside (3C)Torrens Valley Sportsfield
League Rd 5May 1515:15Windsor Gdns (3C)Blackwood (3C)Greenacres Reserve
League Rd 2May 1920:00Uni White (3C)Blackwood (3C)AU North Pitch
Cup Rd 2May 2212:30Sacred Heart (1A)Western Strikers (3C)Sacred Heart College
League Rd 6May 2213:00Blackwood (3C)Sturt Lions (3C)Springbank Secondary College
League Rd 6May 2213:00Norwood (3C)Flinders Uni (3C)Torrens Valley Sportsfield
League Rd 6May 2215:00Woodside (3C)Western Strikers (3C)Woodside Rec. Grounds
League Rd 6May 2215:15Windsor Gdns (3C)Uni White (3C)Greenacres Reserve
League Rd 7May 2911:00Flinders Uni (3C)Western Strikers (3C)Flinders Uni
League Rd 7May 2913:15Blackwood (3C)Woodside (3C)Springbank Secondary College
League Rd 7May 2915:00Uni White (3C)Sturt Lions (3C)Adelaide Uni Hockey Club
League Rd 7May 2915:00Windsor Gdns (3C)Norwood (3C)Greenacres Reserve
League Rd 8Jun 513:00Norwood (3C)Blackwood (3C)Torrens Valley Sportsfield
League Rd 8Jun 513:00Western Strikers (3C)Uni White (3C)Carnegie North Reserve
League Rd 8Jun 515:00Woodside (3C)Sturt Lions (3C)Woodside Rec. Grounds
League Rd 8Jun 515:15Windsor Gdns (3C)Flinders Uni (3C)Greenacres Reserve
League Rd 9Jun 1911:00Flinders Uni (3C)Sturt Lions (3C)Flinders Uni
League Rd 9Jun 1913:00Western Strikers (3C)Norwood (3C)Carnegie North Reserve
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