League Statement:
ALL CURRENT BANS ARE STILL IN PLACE FOR ALL COLLEGIATE SOCCER LEAGUE CLUBS – No training or games are to be undertaken or planned.

Currently the Collegiate Soccer League has no further information than what has now been released by Football SA. We will say however, for the first time in a while there is some optimism around the 2020 season.

The Collegiate Soccer League is in constant communication with Football SA to make sure we are up to date as updates come about. We are moving some pieces in place so we can move as quickly as possible should the time come; however I’m sure you can imagine only so much can be done in this regard as Football SA are running with minimal staff, also the federation teams will be serviced first, which will dictate things like timing/fixtures/refs/rego for us.

The Collegiate Soccer League will officially touch base with all club delegates soon to assess the post COVID19 climate of clubs and lay the path for the way back on to the pitch. Thank you to those delegates that have been in touch, your support is appreciated.

That’s all for now. Stay safe.